About Us

– Preserve and reinforce the basic aspects that have established the success of Import-Mex Distributors.
– Be open to any feedback from customers to make the relationship and business with Import-Mex more pleasant, offering the required solutions.
– Analyze the incorporation of new products to the market to meet the needs of customers and the general public.
– To sustain our response capacity to serve new customers.
– Strengthen ties with our community.


We offer 100% of Mexican and Central American products in demand.

Deliveries are made in the minimum time, taking into consideration the distances and the time needed to reach the destination.

Maintain a professional and effective relationship with our suppliers.

We conduct weekly pre-sales with efficient salespeople who are characterized by their service, honesty and responsibility.

We are constantly updating our warehouse to ensure our customers the best quality and quantity of our products.

Our History
1981 Importmex History


Our family arrived in the United States in 1981 and settled in the city of Los Angeles, California. In a short period of time we started working in the commercial field, which  allowed  us to know  the  market and the distribution of food and Latin products.

1991 Importmex History
With approximately 10 years


From our  dedication to  this  line  of business, we acquired the expe-rience required to know the Hispanic   consumer   and  their food de-mands. With this experience and the detailed analysis of the growing Latino market, we decided to develop  a distribution company  in the state of Florida that would specialize in Mexican and  Central  Ameri-can products where service was limited.

1996 Importmex History


In  August  1996,  the Aedo   -   Solorzano family   opens  the   doors of Import-Mex, starting to  service our customers  directly  from  the dis-tribution trucks,  having  a  great acceptance, which made us change our method  of operations, to a pre-sale system with the support of a group of experienced salesmen in the field of Latin products and with the help of a reliable method of transportation that would  allow deli-veries in a maximum of 48 hours. 

2021 Importmex History
En el año 2021


As we proudly celebrate our  25th anniversary  as Import-Mex  Distri-butors,  we  can  look back   with  the satisfaction that our dedication and  commitment  along  with  that o f our team of employees whom we consider our family, as well as the  trust of our suppliers, has allo-wed us to maintain a company with which we serve independent su-permarkets,  restaurants  and  local chains  throughout  the  state  of Florida, with an extensive catalog   that  covers  the  most  important lines of the products we represent.

2021 Importmex History
At present


Import-Mex   currently  has   a   distribution center  located  in  south-central Florida that allows us to  reach all areas  of  the  state,  with  a team of sales, transportation  and administrative  personnel  dedica-ted to improving the needs of the consumer every day.

With this celebration we hope to continue strengthening our relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and the Hispanic community in general, always seeking to grow and improve without forgetting our roots, which have undoubtedly been the platform that has provided us with the success we enjoy today.